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Make It All Work is a tech and IT consulting firm in New York, NY with a team of experts with many specialties. We have two decades of experience with a wide variety of services including backup and disaster recovery, network and server administration, mobile and desktop support, strategic IT planning, cloud and email server migration, VOIP phone implementation, and many more.

We offer all the benefits of a full in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost, and we’re right here in NYC so we’re available for face-to-face, on-site support on short notice. We work with small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, even non-profit organizations — all the way down to single in-home users.

No matter what your needs are, we’ll work with you to create an agile plan to meet them. Having the wrong systems in place for you and having recurring IT issues can hold your business back from achieving its full growth potential, so we’ll work with you to understand your business’s operations and your goals to create an overall strategy that will help you succeed, all within your budget.

We’re not a re-seller of any products, nor are we connected to any manufacturer or distributor in any way — we always work for and with you to custom fit the best solution for you.

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