The Best Mac Support Team in New York City

Our team of Mac experts service business and high-end residential computer and network environments. We have extensive experience in mixed environments with Windows and Mac servers, as well as Windows and Mac workstations. Our techs set up seamless file sharing between the platforms. We have decades of experience setting up cross-platform backups and disaster recovery plans, and supporting all Mac environments.

We function similarly to in-house IT support for larger organizations whose full-time IT staff mostly support Windows. Our team saves Windows techs time and prevents headaches for their already overworked tech support team.

We offer in-person same-day support for emergencies in New York City, but we also tackle issues quickly and efficiently with remote support – whatever works best for your situation. Our team wants your business running successfully without tech issues standing in your way. Our consulting firm is a reliable IT team that delivers Mac services directly to you when you need it.

Our techs also provide training for new Mac users and refreshers for those who want to improve their work flow and up their skill set.

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