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If you need a hard working straight forward symfony developer then you have come to the right place! At Make It All Work, our Symfony web & app developers, programmers, architects, full-stack software engineers, coders and consultants can help your company or startup with your software development projects. Our consulting functions at the intersection of full-time developer and freelancer, we’re a high-quality dev shop without the agency bureaucracy. We provide the flexibility you’d get with a freelance Symfony PHP developer, but with clear communication and project management.

The Best Symfony Developers & Consulting Firm NYC

The Best Symfony Developers & Consulting Firm NYC

Symfony Deployment, Launching & Overhauling

Our development team has launched engaging user experiences and new products for scalable app startups and customized high-end Symfony enterprise software. We manage and support Symfony deployment pipelines for application development departments. Our application developers, system administrators and devops engineers have overhauled & modernized pre-existing web app & server infrastructure.

Our Symfony Experts Will Save Time & Money

Our Symfony experts help your company save time and money while improving your tech stack’s resiliency and speed with our custom development services. We take pride in our well-tested code, and will get your code into top notch shape.

Symfony Web Developer Process & Billing

We provide hourly, part-time or full-time contract billing options for our Symfony web developers. Our clients are a mix of short-term projects and long term maintenance. We are flexible and craft services that fit your needs. Our maintenance plans include updates/upgrades, patches for security vulnerabilities and ongoing streamlining & code analysis.

If you don’t have a defined scope for your PHP Symfony project, we offer an audit service during which we analyze your current code base (performance, documentation, sclabaility) to see the level of quality and what needs improvement. This can be part of a broader initial consultancy in which a Symfony PHP developer (or team of developers) we identify existing problems and outline solutions. We are able to examine your architecture and infrastructure and spot bottlenecks and potential points of weakness or failure.

We are able to take over full codebase responsibility from your previous engineering team, or we can work with your existing developers to provide technical support, senior-level development consulting, quality control, penetration testing and Symfony training.

Our consultants with Symfony framework projects, Symfony2 projects, Symfony3 projects and Symfony4 projects. If you accidentally typed Symphony developer with a “ph” we’re here to help! We often get questions about Symfony vs Laravel and we are happy to discuss that with you.

Additional core competencies of our developers include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Back-End Development, and Front-End Development. Additional team members include PHP Developers, JavaScript Developers, MySQL Developers, jQuery Developers, WordPress Developers, HTML5 Developers, and CSS3 Developers.

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If you’re curious about Symfony itself, the creators explain that Symfony simplifies development: “Symfony is an Open Source distributed PHP framework. Of course, when you know how to develop in PHP, you don’t need a framework. However, it is very nice to have one!”

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