How To Prevent Zoom Automatically Going Full Screen

Updated 12/04/2020 for new Zoom settings

We often used Zoom for conference calls and screensharing with our web development clients. I kept getting annoyed that Zoom would decide to automatically go full-screen when another meeting attendee shared their screen. But I found the fix and want to share here to help others.

To prevent Zoom from automatically going into full screen mode in this situation:

1. Go to Zoom preferences

Screenshot of Zoom preferences menu
Screenshot of Zoom preferences menu

2. Go to the Share Screen tab on the left and uncheck the box next do “Enter full screen when a participant shares screen.”

Screenshot of Zoom settings

Now whenever I’m walking someone through something, for example during an SEO consulting project, I won’t be jolted unnecessarily into fullscreen mode! I hope this helps you save time and frustration!

Some of our clients

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