The Benefits of Yesware With Email Marketing Campaigns

Trying to figure out if your email marketing strategy is successful can be a pain. It’s difficult to know if potential clients are interacting with your emails, and it can be hard to get them to reply. Furthermore, while companies like Mailchimp and Sailthru have the benefit of creating templates and showing some beneficial analytics of your campaigns, it’s difficult to create a campaign that doesn’t look “salesy”, which has the tendency to turn people away without even reading what you’re sending.

These were the issues I ran into when trying to start a successful email campaign, and I eventually found myself sending out emails through my personal email account, rather than using email marketing specialists. However, this can get tricky because there aren’t any built-in analytics, and it’s impossible to know if people are reading or interacting with your email without added help.

Yesware makes it possible to see how your clients interact with these emails, and has the added benefit of being able to schedule emails to go out at specific times. I’ve only used it with Gmail, but it integrates seamlessly into the interface, as shown below:

Screenshot of Yesware
Screenshot of Yesware

Now, I can do things that are crucial to an email marketing success story: – I’m able to track when people open my emails. If they open it multiple times, I can see that too! I see the exact times of day when people look at my email, and can sort by who has opened emails and not replied, and people who just haven’t seen it yet. This makes my follow-up email strategy more intuitive, so I can check in on people in different ways depending on how often they interacted with previous emails

– I can schedule emails to go out at specific times of day, depending on my findings of when people are most often going to read them.

– I can schedule follow up emails days in advance, and set rules to send the email only if they do NOT reply to the initial outreach

There are plenty of added things you can do with Yesware that don’t necessarily have to do with email marketing, such as setting reminders for yourself pertaining to specific emails, and being able to schedule replies to clients ahead of time, in order to streamline when you’ll most likely get responses. I would highly recommend using Yesware for your business. It allows you to add a personal touch to sales emails that is more easily achievable from a normal, plain text email. Read more about Yesware here:

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