How to Use Calendly for Webinar Registrations

Updated on 10/14/2020.

This question came up recently in one of my entrepreneur groups and it’s a useful tactic so I’m publishing my answer here in case it’s useful to our clients.

Our sister company has created a Calendly competitor, GoReminders, which simplifies and improves this process a great deal. We decided to update this article to provide instructions for using that too.

Using GoReminders for Webinar Registrations & Reminders

Start by signing up for an account at GoReminders.

Webinar reminders
Sign up for a GoReminders account to set up webinar registrations & reminders

Go to settings > booking and set your open/closed hours

Webinar registration availability times
GoReminders makes webinar registrations easy with the client self-booking feature

Get your link to send to people so they can self-book and that’s it!

Webinar registration self-booking
GoReminders lets clients self-book using a booking link

Using Calendly for Webinar Registrations

If you want Calendly to only offer specific time slots on specific days, here’s how to do it.

Start by choosing a date range of 1 day.

Screenshot of Calendly date range
Screenshot of Calendly date range

Then set a short time period of availability.

Screenshot of Calendly availability
Screenshot of Calendly availability

Then you end up with something like this, where you have only one day / timeslot available.

Screenshot of Calendly calendar
Screenshot of Calendly calendar

You can also set specific availability on multiple, specific days to allow one or several time slots per day.

Feel free to reach out to my on Twitter @jozacks if you have any questions!

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