Thoughts on Remote Work & Loneliness

Best IT Consulting in NYC
Best IT Consulting in NYC

We are a mostly-dispersed team at Make It All Work. A few of us are based in NYC (in 2 WeWorks and 1 traditional office), and the rest of the team is spread out around the world. I recently came across this article about how talking to strangers impacts happiness.

One of the reasons I love WeWork is that I can be around lots of other people who are also working and I’m not obligated to talk to any of them. However, it does get lonely and I can absolutely relate to this: “It is fear that the person sitting next to us won’t enjoy talking to us that makes us keep to ourselves, Epley found.”

I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind going forward: “But when we do talk to each other, those social interactions with strangers tend to be both less awkward and more enjoyable than most people predict.”

If you work remotely, let me know if you end up initiating conversations more after reading this article and how that impacts your happiness!

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